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Twisted Trail Blazer Hiking Stick Tan

Twisted Trail Blazer Hiking Stick - Tan

This walking stick has a thick diameter, within the 1.5 to 2 inch range. Our Twisted Trail Blazer is fashioned from a solid piece of pine, making it a lightweight, inexpensive, no-nonsense walking aid that's perfect for casual strolls through neighborhoods or forests.

Once we receive the pine into our central Texas location, we carefully sand it with a fine grit sandpaper, and stain it a beautiful brown, red, or tan in order to magnify the wood's innate beauty. The resulting walking stick is simple yet attractive -- a perfect combination. Each staff comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. Like all of our walking sticks and canes, the Twisted Trail Blazer is made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen. Each walking stick is crafted with pride and care, ensuring a unique staff that will last for many years.

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