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Stepped and Scorched Extra Tall Cane

Size Guide

Stepped and Scorched Extra Tall Cane

Men's crook handle, extra-heavy, imported polished chestnut with stepped and scorched finish.

The shaft is 42 inches long and can be cut to size.

Imported from Germany.

42 inches is the standard length.

We can also customize the length to suit your height by choosing one of our available sizes from 37 to 42 inches.

Choose your desired length when placing your order.

The handle is an inverted J shape, also known as a Hook handle. The Crook, which may be held in either hand with the stick facing either forwards or backwards, offers good everyday support and may be hung over the user's arm when not in use.

Replacement tip #8039208.

This item is available for U.S. delivery only.

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