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Gobbler Style Walking Stick or Hiking Staff

Gobbler Style Walking Stick or Hiking Staff

Our unique handpainted Gobbler Walking Stick is sure to please the most discriminating lover of birds and the great outdoors!

Be the envy of everyone with this unique turkey walking stick.

Each solid birch walking stick or sometimes known as a walking cane, measures approximately 36 inches in length and includes a solid brass collar and brass tip. The solid birch hiking staff version measures approximately 52 inches in length and includes a solid brass collar, rubber tip and a handy leather holding strap.

Each stick or staff will take approximately 2 weeks to create before they are shipped and will be worth the wait!

The Gobbler Style Walking Stick or Hiking Staff contains a handpainted resin head made by Michael Park, a Master woodcarver, recognized worldwide for his artisanship.

Each stick is mounted on a handturned tapered hardwood shaft.

Michael's passion and love for the outdoors is evident in his outstanding workmanship.

Each walking stick is cast in resin and hand painted by master artists capturing a style of charm and warmth.

This distinguished Gobbler Style Gobbler Stick or Hiking Staff is mounted on a solid hardwood stick with a tip on the end.

The turkey lover in you will appreciate the beauty of your very own custom hand-painted piece.

This cane will surely attract the interest of other bird lovers or those intrigued by the beautiful artisanship.

Trustworthy, warm and proud like the outdoor spirit they represent, these collectables become unique gifts for yourself, your family or your friends.

Adult wild turkeys have long reddish-yellow to grayish-green legs. The body feathers are generally blackish and dark brown overall with a coppery sheen that becomes more complex in adult males. Adult males, called toms or gobblers, have a large, featherless, reddish head, red throat, and red wattles on the throat and neck.

We have been creating custom made quality Hiking Staff collectibles since 1987!

Made in the USA!

Although these walking canes are very sturdy, they are not intended for therapeutic use.

2nd day air available after the stick is made.

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