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Dachshund Long Hair - Dog Welcome Sign

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Dachshund Long Haired - Welcome Sign

  • Our unique selection of handpainted natural oak or maple finish Dog Breed Welcome Signs are sure to please the most discriminating Dog Lover!
  • The Dachshund Longhair - Welcome Sign is a reproduction of an original woodcarving by Michael Park, a Master woodcarver, recognized worldwide for his detailed carvings and reproductions.
  • Each welcome sign is hand routed and hand painted by master artists capturing a style of charm and warmth.
  • This distinguished Dachshund Longhair head is mounted on a hand routed 4 x 15 inches (4" by 15") wooden sign.
  • Each dog head, cast in resin, is hand painted in breed specific colors by master artists capturing a style of charm and warmth. Head measures approx. 6.5 inches high from paws to head.
  • The dog lover in you will appreciate the beauty of your very own custom natural oak or maple finish hand-painted piece.
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks to make (plus shipping time) and worth the wait!
  • Be the envy of everyone with this unique canine decor.
  • Michael's passion and love for dogs are evident in his outstanding workmanship.
  • This decorating accent will surely attract the interest of other dog lovers or those intrigued by the beautiful artisanship.
  • Trustworthy, warm and proud like the breeds they represent, these dog decor collectibles become unique gifts for yourself, your family or your friends.
  • We have been creating custom made quality Dog Collectibles since 1987!
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Since each dog is hand painted, small variances from the picture can occur.
  • Contact us if you don't see the AKC recognized breed you need.

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