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55 inch Travelers Walking Stick Tan

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55" Traveler's Walking Stick in Tan, 19" when disassembled

  • The Traveler's Walking Stick offers the quality, stability, and utility of our standard walking sticks, while conveniently unscrewing into three equal parts, making it perfect for people on the go.
  • This useful staff is fashioned from sturdy oak, making it strong and highly durable.
  • When disassembled, the entire unit is only around 19 inches long, so it'll easily stow away in an airplane overhead bin, in your backpack, or even on the passenger's seat of your car.
  • With its small and discreet disassembled size, this staff can be taken virtually anywhere.
  • In a popular 55 inch assembled size, the oak Traveler's Stick is sized just right for the majority of people looking for a handcrafted walking stick to conveniently carry with them on their global hiking trails.
  • Comes in 3 different stain colors: tan, red and brown.
  • See color swatch for stain color as pictures show all stain colors
  • Comes with a standard rubber ferrule tip for a secure grip on most surfaces. Rope included.
  • Made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials and time tested methods.
This item is available for U.S. delivery only.

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