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55 inch Hitchhiker Maple with Southwest Inlay Exotic Walking Stick

55 inch Hitchhiker Maple with Southwest Inlay Exotic Walking Stick

The Southwest Hitchhiker Maple Walking Stick takes our ever-popular Twisted Hitchhiker walking stick and adds a southwest flavor. The result is an exquisite maple hiking staff that's built to last and made to impress! With the Southwest Hitchhiker Maple Walking Stick, the details are more than an afterthought: they're the heart and soul of this staff. Each stick is carefully accented with beautiful padauk and walnut inlays, making for a head-turning walking stick that's both strong and lightweight. The staff is made from solid maple, with our signature twist spiraling majestically down the length of its shaft. Each walking stick is meticulously chosen, cut, worked on a router, sanded, and finally sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer. The finished product is a beauty to behold. This walking staff comes in a versatile 55 inch size with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. Like all of our handcrafted staffs and canes, this walking stick is made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials and time tested methods.

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