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Walking Sticks and Canes For Sale

history of walking canes and hiking sticks
History of Walking Canes and Hiking Sticks

Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They were purely functional in some periods while in others they were fashionable status symbols. Today, their role has shifted to one of both function and fashion.

The earliest record we have of cane use is by shepherds who used them to keep their animals in line. Some time later, travelers used canes to keep would-be thieves away. They were hefty sticks and served their purpose well.

As time went on, canes and walking sticks began to symbolize power and strength. Many rulers from various countries were known to carry canes or staffs. These staffs were sometimes as long as six feet and were topped by an ornamental knob in the shape of a lotus, a symbol of long life.

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Video: Types of Walking Canes and Sticks We Sell

Collecting canes has become very popular due to the unique styles, hardwoods and craftsmenship used. Many look for old styles, new styles and novelties such as hidden compartments, canine handles and fine quality canes.

Watch this informative and quick video clip on the types of walking canes and sticks we carry. The dog handle walking sticks are especially popular with our customers. Made in the USA!

Proportion of population age 85+ using a mobility device - infographic

Most people usually envision mobile accessories to be reserved for the elderly but that is no longer the case. They are commonly used by people with injuries requiring the needed extra support.

Walking sticks and canes are very much available in many fashionable and functional styles, as well as providing extra support during hiking.

Walking Sticks are very useful in nature and have a long history in fashion. Become a part of this rich tradition. Walk well!

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