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How to Measure for a Cane, Stick or Staff

How to Measure for a Cane

Walking Cane Sizing

The correct cane length is the key to safe use and better mobility. Many models of canes are adjustable, but it is still helpful to know what the proper length should be.

  1. Obtain measurements while wearing regular walking shoes.
  2. Standing upright, allow arms to relax (with normal bend at the elbow) at your sides.
  3. Have a second person measure the distance from your wrist joint down to the floor. This number is the right length of cane for you.

An estimate of the proper cane length can be made by dividing an individual’s height by two. For most persons, the right sized cane is within one inch of half their height. This guideline can be applied if the user is not available for an actual measurement. If you are not sure, error on the side of ordering a longer vs. shorter length since a wooden cane/stick can always be shortened, but never lengthened. If you are unsure of the length you need, the easiest thing to do is order the standard size and have it cut at a local hardware store.

Measuring for a hiking stick or staff

These are sizing options typically work well for our customers:

  • For small children and shorter adults, we generally recommend the 41-inch stick.
  • For people who are shorter than 5' 4", we recommend the 48-inch stick.
  • For people who are between 5' 4" and 5' 11", we recommend the 55-inch stick.
  • For adults over 5' 11", we recommend the 58-inch stick.

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