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We feel so very blessed with the best customers!

These are just a sampling of reviews received from our actual customers with links to products they purchased. Enjoy reading and thank you for shopping with us!

"Love, love, love, this cane! It is much sturdier than your picture online looks and I think it will last for many years. Very unique and rustic, the first day outing I got so many comments. It doesn't look cheap like the metal canes, the wood is very smooth, definitely worth the price. Nice way to accessorize. " from Mary A.

"Perfect! Didn't even have to shorten it! Looks great like the one I used to have that I lost!" from David B.

"It is just a beautiful piece with equally beautify craftsmanship. It is very strong and I feel very supported using it. Thank you for ensuring it fit both my hand and height." from Vicky S.

"I was using trekking poles and switched to the walking stick. I like that the traveler walking sticks break down, so that I could store them easier. Plus I like the walking stick because I have options of where to put my hands when going up and down hills. I am very glad I purchased the traveler walking sticks." from Vince C.

"I am extremely pleased, I have a patient who was over 280 pounds at 6 foot 7 and he needed a light weight cane and they were able to help in ordering the right one and the patient was great appreciative." from Brian C.

"Sometimes I get tired when I am hiking and want to switch to a cane. This stick has worked out great for me." from Tim H.

"Excellent overall. Perfect walking stick to assist me with balance and stability issues after several spinal surgeries. A quality product at a fair price." from J. Bowles

"This was a gift for my husband, who has retro sensibilities. What a gorgeous cane ! It actually looks even better than the picture. He'll be stepping out with this cane in his double breasted suit and spectator shoes" from Catherine S.

"I accidentally put the wrong shipping address on my order so I emailed them and they were quick to fix my problem. The cane I bought was everything I hoped for and I would happily order from them again." from James P.

"Terrific cane and very pretty - I have needed a cane for several years and absolutely detested having to use hospital Gray canes. I am female and want something pretty and I have thoroughly enjoyed this particular item for four years. It is lightweight, but sturdy. I weigh 180 pounds so this cane is very strong. I recommend it completely." from Julia

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