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Twisted Hickory Backpacker Walking Stick

Size Guide

Three sizes 48" 55" 58" - Twisted Hickory Backpacker Hiking Staff

  • Thanks to its legendary strength, flexibility, and versatility, sticks made from hickory are among our bestselling products.
  • Hickory is a wood of choice for tool handles, drum sticks, clubs-just about anything that needs to be strong.
  • Naturally, hickory makes for a great walking stick! With the Twisted Hickory Backpacker we've taken our venerable Backpacker design and have made it out of hickory.
  • The combination is a proven design coupled with a bestselling wood, a surefire hit!
  • Whether you're planning a rigorous trek across mountainous terrain or a leisurely stroll through lazy neighborhood pathways, this is a stick you can count on to last for years to come.
  • The Hickory Backpacker comes in one of three sizes: 48 inches, 55 inches, and 58 inches.
  • The staff also comes with a standard rubber ferrule for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface.
  • All of our hickory is meticulously chosen, cut, sanded, and prepared by our own craftsmen.
  • Each piece is finished with a protective clear coat lacquer; the final product is a handcrafted beauty that's as functional as it is ornamental.
  • Made in the USA by our skilled craftsmen using the highest quality materials and time tested methods.

Sizing options that work well for our customers

  • For people who are shorter than 5' 4", we recommend the 48-inch stick.
  • For people who are between 5' 4" and 5' 11", we recommend the 55-inch stick.
  • For adults over 5' 11", we recommend the 58-inch stick.

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