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Walking and Hiking Sticks

Walking and Hiking Sticks

Walking and Hiking Sticks and Staffs Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They were purely functional in some periods while in others they were fashionable status symbols. As time went on, canes and walking sticks began to symbolize power and strength.

Many rulers from various countries were known to carry canes or staffs as they called them. These staffs were sometimes as long as six feet and were topped by an ornamental knob in the shape of a lotus, a symbol of long life. Even the Egyptian gods were often depicted with long staffs in hand. Today, their role has shifted to one of both function and fashion.

In the British countryside, walking sticks are carried by people of all ages as they walk their dogs, follow country sports and even herd their sheep. A rustic walking stick is an indispensable accessory in the country, helping its owner up hill and down dale, through mud, stinging nettles and brambles.

Simple hiking staffs are popular for country walks; thumb sticks (held with the user’s thumb resting in the natural ‘V’ in the wood), shepherd’s crooks and knob sticks are all traditional favorites, frequently given as presents. A well-used country stick becomes a much loved friend and companion. Our hiking sticks and poles are beautifully crafted by local artisans in the USA & are designed to increase your balance and mobility during your treks.

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