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55 inch Hitchhiker Maple with Southwest Inlay Exotic Walking Stick

55 inch Hitchhiker Maple with Southwest Inlay Exotic Walking Staff

  • The Southwest Hitchhiker Maple Walking Stick takes our ever-popular Twisted Hitchhiker walking stick and adds a southwest flavor.
  • The result is an exquisite maple hiking staff that's built to last and made to impress!
  • With the Southwest Hitchhiker Maple Walking Stick, the details are more than an afterthought: they're the heart and soul of this staff.
  • Each stick is carefully accented with beautiful padauk and walnut inlays, making for a head-turning walking stick that's both strong and lightweight.
  • The staff is made from solid maple, with our signature twist spiraling majestically down the length of its shaft.
  • Each walking stick is meticulously chosen, cut, worked on a router, sanded, and finally sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer.
  • The finished product is a beauty to behold.
  • This walking staff comes in a versatile 55 inch size.
  • Comes with a standard rubber ferrule tip for a secure grip on most surfaces.
  • Made in the USA by our skilled Brazos craftsmen using the highest quality materials and time tested methods.

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