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Hand Painted Cane Dog

Hand-painted Cane - Dog

Bring out your WILD side with a funky, fun cane. Whether your passion is Bunny Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Giraffe, Horse, Leopard, Parrot, Pink Flamingo, Snake, Unicorn or Zebra. You will have fun showing off your WILD cane.

And you will be unique! You will not find a cane like this anywhere else. These canes are custom hand-painted by artists in North Carolina.

Made from the finest of hardwoods.

Kiln-cured for maximum strength and has a 250 lb. weight capacity.

Treated with a high gloss water resistant finish and has a rubber tip that provides additional safety.

Made and hand-painted in the USA in North Carolina.

Available in 30 or 36 inch length.

Choose your desired length when placing your order.

There is definitely nothing boring about this cane so go WILD today!

Can vary slightly from picture because this unique walking stick is hand painted.

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