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Folding and Collapsible Canes

Folding and Collapsible Walking Canes

Folding and Collapsible Walking Canes Folding canes are the perfect accessory for a traveler who needs a little extra support. They fold up to the compact size of just 8 inches. These convenient canes offer all of the support and stability that traditional canes do but are much easier to tote around. They come in many fashionable designs and colors.

Folding and collapsible canes fit neatly into your briefcase, luggage or purse for convenient portability. Most canes, when folded, measure no more than a foot (12 inches). They easily unfold for immediate use and most are adjustable. They are made of strong yet light aluminum and have at least a 2 hinge-like folding system.

The tips are made of non-slip rubber to give you the added confidence of ultimate support and security. We carry a variety of handles to provide the distinct and comfortable grip that you like or need. Folding canes are the best accessory to carry and come in a variety of styles and colors.

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