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Dog Handle Hiking Staffs

Dog Breed Handle Hiking Staffs

Dog Breed Handle Hiking Staffs Example Picture of Dog Hiking Staffs Our most popular hiking accessory is our infamous Dog Handle Hiking Staff. Measuring at an approx. 52 inches, the resin cast dog head is mounted on a solid piece of birch wood, including a brass collar, rubber tip and a leather holding strap.

You will not find a carved wooden hiking staff with so much detail or beauty. These are a reproduction of an original woodcarving by Master Woodcarver Michael Park, recognized worldwide for his detailed carvings and reproductions. We know you will be amazed at the quality of the dog breed handle and everyone will be asking you where you got that staff!

We have most of the AKC breeds but you can email us if you do not see the one you want or color choice we have listed. We even custom paint as per your own dog if you want.

Special Customer Request Black American Staffordshire Terrier Walking Stick Here is an example from one of our customers of his actual American Staffordshire Terrier Dog and his matching custom color dog walking stick. With over 100 Dog Breeds available in numerous color variations, you are sure to find your canine breed! If you do not see your color combination, let us know and we may be able to get one made.

These dog four legged friend hiking staffs are one of our most popular. We get numerous compliments from customers about how happy they are with their dog handle hiking staff purchases. Many of our customers give us great reasons why they chose their specific canine breed. Often times, there is a personal story regarding keeping a nice memory of their four-legged canine pals.

We have some customers who are avid campers and like to use the dog handle walking sticks while they hike out in the woods. These carved ones are often used during hiking or just for pleasure. Our customers like our vast offerring ranging from Poodle to Pug Dog to Labrador Retriever Dog Hiking Staffs. These are handpainted and make great personal walking sticks or gifts.

Each stick can take approximately 2 weeks to make (plus shipping time) and worth the wait! We also offer hand carved dog head hiking staffs instead of cast. See each breed for more information.

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