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Shiny Chrome Fritz Handle Black Cane

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Shiny Chrome Fritz Handle Black Cane

Unisex Tuxedo Time Fritz handle chrome plated metal on a black stained hardwood shaft, 36 inches long with rubber tip.

The length of the handle is 5 inches and the handle width is 13/16 inch. The shaft is 7/8 inch tapering to 3/4 inch.

36 inches is the standard length.

Choose your desired length when placing your order.

The handle on these canes are designed to support the user's weight and the handle is what takes the brunt of the force.

This allows the user's weight to be supported by the handle without excessive exertion.

The grip has a wonderful comfortable feeling for fingers and there is plenty of room for most size hands.

Sometimes Fritz handles are known as Crutch Handles too and are often used by those who have some muscular or gait issues in their lower extremities.

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