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Walking Canes for Men and Women on Sale

Rich History of Walking Canes

Walking Canes for Sale

Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They were purely functional in some periods while in others they were fashionable status symbols. Today, their role has shifted to one of both function and fashion. The earliest record that we have of cane use is by shepherds who used them to keep their animals in line. Some time later, travelers used canes to keep would-be thieves away. They were hefty sticks but they served their purpose well.

As time went on, the use of canes began to symbolize power and strength. Many rulers from various countries were known to carry canes or staffs, as they called them. These staffs were sometimes as long as six feet and were topped by an ornamental knob in the shape of a lotus. The lotus was a symbol of long life. Even the Egyptian gods were often depicted with long staffs in hand. Carrying these canes or staffs was a serious thing, even down to the hand that they were carried in. When a staff was carried in the right hand, for example, it represented royal power. In the left hand it represented justice. Even the church used staffs to denote its higher offices. Today, Walking Canes and Walking Sticks, while very useful in nature, have a long history in fashion. Become part of this rich tradition. Walk well!

Shop our many Cane shapes, handles, colors and styles

Please check out our beautiful selection of canes and sticks. We carry a variety of cane handles, whether derby handle, fritz handle, offset handle, palm grip handle or crook (or tourist) handle. Colors are a plentiful with purple canes, blue canes, red canes, pink canes, as well as metallic colors such as bronze canes, brass canes, chrome canes and gold canes.

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