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Marbleized Palm Grip Tall Cane Left Hand

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Marbleized Palm Grip Tall Cane - Left Hand

Left hand palm grip cane with white marbleized acrylic molded handle mounted handsomely on a walnut stained hardwood shaft set off smartly with a Harvy signature ring.

The shaft is extra tall size of 42 inches long.

Palm grip canes enable you to keep your grip without slipping even when your hands are sweaty!

Molded to properly fit the palm, these canes allow the weight to be distributed evenly throughout the handle, which can keep your hands from hurting.

Please choose the hand that works for your need or disability.

This cane is for tall people and can be cut to fit your height.

42 inches is the standard length.

We can also customize the length to suit your height by choosing one of our available sizes from 37 to 42 inches.

Choose your desired length when placing your order.

Also, available in right hand.

Please note: a cane cut from the standard length cannot be returned. If you are unsure of the exact length needed, order the standard length and have it cut at a local hardware store.

This item is available for U.S. delivery only.

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