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Adjustable Offset Handle Canes

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Adjustable Offset Handle Walking Canes

Adjust Walking Canes to Different Heights

Adjustable Offset Handle Style Walking CanesAdjustable walking canes are very popular and are in high demand in the cane market because they provide such a level of flexibility. Plus they allow for a variety of uses since the height can be adjusted as needed. The reason these adjustable canes are so popular is that they are lightweight, come in a variety of colors and can be adjusted to suit your height or specific support, medical or safety needs.

For those that may have a more delicate medical condition, or recent surgery, or delicate hips or knees, the offset handle walking cane provides the maximum amout of support. The offset handle is ergonomic and can ease the strain on your joints. The bases come in tripod (a 3 point base) or quad base (a 4 point base), in both small and large.

We offer many styles of these adjustable offset mobility aids. These also make a great gift for someone who needs some extra support either permanently or temporarily.

We carry a variety of hand grips and handles that give you the ultimate choice in finding the aluminum cane that will suit you best. Most of our canes support up to 250 pounds as well as others support up to 500 pounds or those that are extra tall individuals. Shop for the specific handle type you need.

Walk with the added comfort of knowing each step you take will be supported. Not sure which of our extremely supportive and comfortable walking canes or hiking sticks to purchase? Shop our large selection of adjustable canes with different styles and support.

We try to bring you the best walking canes and walking sticks available. Thank you for visiting our website. If you do not see something you want just email us and let us know what you need.

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