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Walking Sticks and Canes have a rich history. They have served many purposes over the centuries. During some periods they were purely functional while some periods saw them as status symbols that were used as a part of fashionable attire. Today they are a combination of fashion and function, with the majority of people using them for a functional purpose but purchasing canes that also meet their fashion needs.

The earliest record that we have of cane use is by the shepherds of old. They were a necessary tool that helped to keep the animals in line. They were also used by travelers to keep would-be thieves away. They were hefty sticks but they served their purpose well.

As time went on, it began to symbolize power and strength. Many rulers from various countries were known to carry canes or staffs as they called them. These staffs were sometimes as long as six feet and were topped by an ornamental knob in the shape of a lotus. The lotus was a symbol of long life. Even the Egyptian gods were often depicted with long staffs in hand. Carrying these canes or staffs was a serious thing, even down to the hand that they were carried in. When a staff was carried in the right hand, for example, it represented royal power. In the left hand it represented justice. Even the church used staffs to denote its higher offices.

Eventually canes evolved to more common use. After the 1600s, they were typically used by men as a fashionable part of their daily attire. In fact, in some countries the cane depicted social status and even required a special license to carry. The use of canes required the following of special etiquette rules. It was considered very bad manners to break these rules. This fashion style for men continued into the 18th century. From time to time it became fashionable for women to carry canes as well. For example, in 11th century France, women often carried slender sticks that were made of Apple wood. They came into fashion again with Marie Antoinette, who was known for carrying a Shepherd's crook.

Today, walking sticks and canes are usually only seen with formal attire, unless they are used for a more functional purpose. Most people usually envision them as an accessory reserved for the elderly. They are also commonly used by people with injuries that create the need for extra support. They are still available in many fashionable styles but are made to be functional. Some people rely on them for extra support while hiking.

It is also popular to collect them In fact they are often made for this exclusive purpose. When they are made for collectors, they generally do not support weight well and are not recommended for daily use. Collectors usually look for old styles, very new styles and novelties. Walking Canes with hidden features such as hidden compartments, pool sticks, and sword canes are very popular.

Walking Sticks , while very useful in nature, have a long history in fashion. Maybe at some point, they will become a symbol of high fashion once again.



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